March 11, 2019

With an increasing amount of families on-the-go, Si Jin Bao has created a product to boost immunity with a simple yet effective delivery system.

WINTER PARK, FL – Si Jin Bao has just revealed the newest addition to their incredible all-natural, alcohol free, kid-friendly, and vegan internal decoction line.

As a leader in the herbaceutical industry, the goal for this product was to make a simple yet effective product to help boost the immune system.

Immun-A-TEA does just that and more.  Visiting someone in the hospital and want to make sure you don’t get sick?  Going out of town?  Looking for a head start to shield yourself?  How about just keeping yourself well at the change of seasons or around sick family?  Feeling a little run down?

“Immun-A-TEA adds a whole new simple and powerful decoction for people on the go, looking for a boost and pick-me-up.  Quick, convenient, and easy to carry, this product is the perfect addition to any Home Medic Kit.” – ‘Dr. Kamal’ Polite, A.P. DOM CHE

Immun-A-TEA is the boost you need to keep those cooties away.  And now it can be taken in any hot beverage.  Circle circle dot dot put it in a coffee shot!

To celebrate the launch of this new product, Si Jin Bao has also created an Immun-A-TEA Tour – spreading the word about Halotherapy and Chinese Herbaceuticals. The first stop was in Orlando, Florida at the Salt Room Orlando with owner Ashley Steiner. 

As the tour spreads across the country, customers are quick to realize the powerful and restorative nature of Immun-A-TEA and Halotherapy in combination.

Preventative measures and understanding the principles of success with this new herbaceutical are helping families stay happy and healthy across the world.