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What is a Concentrated Decoction™?

Who are Concentrated Decoctions™ for?

What does Si Jin Bao mean?

Is Chinese Medicine Effective?

Concentrated decoctions (INTERNALS)​

What is A.I.R. PRO & Breathe Again Concentrated Decoction™?​

What is Croopy Cough Concentrated Decoction™?​

When to Use Croopy Cough Concentrated Decoction™

What is Upset Tummy Concentrated Decoction™?​


What is Revive™?

How does Revive™ work?

What is Schmoove™?

How does Schmoove™ work?

What is Wonderful™?

Difference Between Cream & Gel?

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A.I.R. Concentrated Decoction™ was created to allow the lungs to grasp the Qi, resolve, eliminate & transform the phlegm, as well as open the nose. This is the PRO Version of Breathe Again CD.

Breathe Again CD™

Breathe Again Concentrated Decoction™ was originally designed at the request of a Holistic Pediatrician who was looking for something to stop coughs and clear infections while also tasting good. This is the OTC Version of A.I.R.

Qīng Qì Huà Tán Tang

This is Si Jin Bao’s version of a classical formula developed by famous physician Wu Kun in 1584. Dr. Kun used this formula for febrile disease, congestion, coughing, bronchitis, and sinusitis. It is the PRO Version of Croopy Cough.

Croopy Cough™

Croopy Cough is the OTC version of Qīng Qì Huà Tán Tang, a formula that dates back over 4 centuries. It is used for cough, chest, & nasal congestion. #meanandgreen #barkycough

Bǎo Hé Tang

This is Si Jin Bao’s version of a classical formula based on the Essential Teachings of Dan-Xi. These include overeating, alcohol intoxication, food poisoning, & morning sickness +. It is the PRO Version of Upset Tummy.

Upset Tummy™

Upset Tummy Concentrated Decoction™ is the OTC Version of Bao He Tang and a must-have in any first-aid kit, especially for overseas travel! #overeating #alcoholintoxication #foodpoisoning #morningsickness


Immun-A-Tea™ promotes oxygen absorption, regulates respiration, promotes digestive function, regulates the immune system, regulates bowels & eliminates toxins. Take the first 3 days of every month to boost Zheng Qi.

Da Zhi Tong Tang™​

Da Zhi Tong Tang Concentrated Decoction™, also known as Relief PRO™, is a proprietary blend of 6 herbs designed to target blockages that prevent free flow in the body. From acute to chronic pain that can linger,  opens blockages within the body

Revive™ PRO

Revive™ alleviates Bi Syndrome of any type, regardless of the cause. It quickly works to promote blood circulation. Use for muscle and joint obstruction, or to promote blood circulation in an area before a treatment. This is the PRO Version of Revive™ OTC.

Revive™ OTC

Revive™ has been found to work on all types of symptoms including headache, joint pain, neck pain, bruises, bone bruises, ligament damage, contusions, and more. This is the OTC Version of Revive™ PRO.

Schmoove™ PRO

Schmoove™ works by promoting proper skin function. It has been successful in treating skin irritation, break-outs, burns, dryness, skin damage, insect bites, and rashes to name a few. This is the PRO Version of Schmoove™ OTC.

Schmoove™ OTC

Schmoove™ was first formulated to treat burns for oncology patients who were undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, but like many of our formulas, we found it to be useful many other ways. This is the OTC Version of Schmoove™ PRO.

Wonderful™ PRO

Wonderful™ was formulated to restore the youthful appearance to skin by firming, toning, lifting, hydrating, promoting elasticity, reducing wrinkles and pore size. Essentially it is a facelift in a bottle! This is the PRO Version of Wonderful OTC.

Wonderful™ OTC

Wonderful™ has also been proven effective at lessening the appearance of damp accumulation on the thighs, waist, hips, and chest area. After a 90-day treatment cycle, the effects of Wonderful™ can last for long periods. This is the OTC Version of Revive™ PRO.