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Frequently asked questions

Looking for more information?

Check out our FAQ's below or contact us on the LIVE CHAT, available Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

How do I register for a Professional Account?

To become a Si Jin Bao Pro, please fill out the online application here.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is through our LIVE CHAT system, which is available M-F 9:00AM – 6:00PM Eastern Time, or you may email us at

How long does it take an application to be processed?

Applications may take up to 3 business days to process.

Is there an order minimum?

Yes, our order minimum is $100.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, orders over $400 come with complimentary shipping in the Continental United States, Hawaii, and all U.S. Territories.

I am a practitioner that lives outside of the United States, can I still open an account?

Yes of course!  As long as you are able to provide us with your licensing information as well as the information required in our application form, international orders are welcomed!

Can I create my own custom formulas?

In addition to standard formulas and proprietary blends, Si Jin Bao can make any formula that you may need. We have most herbs on hand and can quickly create a custom formula to your specifications. Fill out the prescription form and we can send the formula to you or directly to your patient. Order minimums apply.

Do you offer training for your products?

Yes, we offer product education through video instruction in our online training center.  Professionals have access to this information after they have placed their initial order.

We also offer a complimentary Jia de Yisheng: Home Medic Class for non-professionals that you may share with your patients/clients.  These tutorials provide Home Medics information on how to use our products.

Are your herbs safe for children?

Our herbs are completely safe for children. Check dosage requirements and consult your health care provider before use.

Please be advised that ancient healing systems such as traditional Chinese medicine, Classical Chinese medicine , Ancient Chinese medicine, Kampo ( Traditional Japanese Herbal medicine), Hangul ( Traditional Korean Medicine) are vastly different in the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctional physiological processes namely diseases. The appropriate trained professional should be consulted on any specified condition.

What are Concentrated Decoctions?

Decoctions are derived from a unique form of extracting the herbs to create a more potent and easily assimilated form. The net result is a liquid and/or cream that can be used topically or taken as a tea.

In China, over 80% of all herbs are processed by patients into decoctions. However, many patients do not follow through with their herbal treatment in the West due to the extensive amount of time and effort it takes to do so correctly.

At Si Jin Bao we do all of the work for you, and whether you are a consumer or a professional within the industry, they are easy to use and have been shown to increase patient compliance and provide powerful results.

What is the Difference Between Professional and OTC?

Si Jin Bao Herbaceuticals are available in various concentrations for professionals and consumers alike.  The label will either have the designation “Professional” or “OTC.”   Professional concentrations are stronger than their Over-the-Counter counterpart, therefore requiring a professional evaluation for proper dosage and a treatment schedule.

Are there any specific storage requirements

Ideal conditions for storage are in a cool, dark place away from any extreme temperatures or temperature changes. Our concentrated decoctions are extremely stable and will hold up well in conditions that are less than ideal.

Why must I sign for my package delivery?

To ensure that you receive your Si Jin Bao order, we require a signature at the time of delivery for all professionals.

What is the shelf life of a concentrated decoction?

Our concentrated decoctions and creams improve with aging. Like fine wine, they get better over time. Any of our products will last for a minimum of 3 years after purchase.

Are your herbs laboratory tested?

All of our herbs are tested in two independent laboratories to ensure purity of the raw materials before they are processed in our own facility. We only use the highest-quality of herbs to create our formulas and are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the Herbaceutical industry.

Can the internal decoctions be added to juice for a child to drink?

You may put the recommended dosage into 1 ounce of boiling water, cover for 5 minutes, and then add it to juice.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

To reset your password, click on “login” in the upper right corner of our website On the bottom left side of the box you will see the word “Forgot?” Click on that and enter your email address and then “Get new password”. A link to change your password will be emailed to you. You may change your password at any time under the “my account” tab once you are logged in.

Do you have a phone number I could call?

We have a LIVE Chat System available from 9:00AM – 6:00PM Eastern Time, however we do not have a phone number. Si Jin Bao is an international company, and we have found it easier to communicate with our clients this way. Please feel free to contact us on the Chat System or through our email

Where can I find Videos to share on Social Media or Product Image Downloads?

You may find these items in our Marketing & Media Center here.  Place the item(s) you would like in your cart and then checkout.  You will then find the products that you downloaded anytime in the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section of the website here under ‘Downloads’. 


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