Jian Pi Tang 健脾湯

Strengthen the Spleen Decoction – 1oz


Strengthen the Spleen Decoction – 1oz

100% plant Based & Cruelty Free

Based on the Ancient Principle




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Strengthen the Spleen Decoction – 1oz

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 4 in
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蔬菜甘油 Gān Yóu Vegetable Glycerin
茯苓 Fu Ling poria
人蔘 Ren Shen ginseng root
山藥 Shan Yao Chinese yam
肉豆蔻 Rou Dou Kou nutmeg seeds
砂仁 Sha Ren amomum fruit
山楂 Shan Zha hawthorn fruit
陳皮 Chen Pi aged tangerine peel
木香 Mu Xiang costus root
甘草 Gan Cao licorice root
蒸馏水 Zhēng Liú Shuǐ Distilled Water

Dosage Instructions

For best results take 30 minutes before or after food or drink. Add 1 oz. of boiling water to recommended dosage using the information below. Cover for 5 minutes, drink warm & take twice daily.

7 Years to Adult – 20 drops
2 to 6 Years – 10 drops
1 Year – 7 drops
Newborn – 3 drops

Lasts eleven and a half (11 1/2) days for adult dosage

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