Si Jin Bao

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Founders Bio

Kamal Polite, DOM, A.P., C.H.E. received his Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management and Flight Technology at Florida Institute of Technology in 1993. He has a Commercial Pilot License in Single & Multi-Engine Landing and Airplane with Instrument Ratings. Upon finishing his degree, he continued to further his education at Florida College of Integrated Medicine in Orlando, Florida. There he earned his 2nd Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Science and a Masters Degree of Oriental Medicine in 1997. He became a Board Certified Acupuncture Physician upon graduation and remains one until present day.

Kamal served two internships while at the Florida College of Integrated Medicine at the Orlando Chinese Medical Center and at the Yantai Yu Huang Ding Hospital (Temple Hill Hospital) in China. He opened his practice Oriental Holistic Options, Inc. in 1997.

Upon his return from China, Kamal began developing his own line of Herbaceuticals.  In 1998 he was a guest speaker for the MD Anderson Cancer Center of Orlando for the Nursing Grand Rounds and Physician Grand Rounds presenting on Cancer and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has also been on several television programs including America’s Health Care Network and Medical Matters, and has also spoken on various radio programs dealing with a wide variety of topics related to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In addition, he is also trained in Tai Ji Quan, Yang Style, Chen Style, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, and Qi Gong: 18 Methods, Six Healing Sounds, and Jin Shan Gong.

Currently Kamal is the Founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer of Si Jin Bao (SJB), an herbaceutical company that he developed in 1999.  He is widely known for developing products such as A.I.R., Breathe Again, Croopy Cough, Upset Tummy, Revive, Schmoove, Wonderful, various Classical formulas in concentrated form, and now the newest addition to SJB’s line Immun-A-TEA. 

He continues to create and develop concentrated decoctions and creams that rejuvenate and invigorate people world-wide.  Kamal is a noted speaker and also works as a consultant to physicians and other professionals in various fields.